Okay, this has been a real winter. I know it’s not over—more wintry crap ahead and some more cold temps to come, but the light right now, in mid-March, gives us hope. Does it not?

Back in my minstrel years, I had a great strategy for taking the edge off the Maine winter: spend 6-8 weeks in the Caribbean. I had a great gig at a nice bar-restaurant in Christiansted, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.

I’d play 5 nights a week, got round-trip airfare, a modest but adequate place to stay, and a decent wage for a solo act. And I had my days free for scuba diving, beachcombing, reading, yachting, or getting into other such mischief.

The SONG OF THE WEEK is “Sonova Beach” by Wayne Kent. I got to know Wayne when he lived in the shadow of Mt. Chocurua in New Hampshire. A really fun guy, as the song shows.

I offer this as a salve for anyone who, like me, didn’t get to any tropical places this winter. Picture yourself on a sparsely populated tropical beach (I’m thinking Isaac’s Bay in St. Croix, or maybe Trunk Bay in St. John). You need a cooler with you, as there are no beach bars nearby, but bathing suits are optional.
Now play the song, already…


(Photo at Top: Sam Smith, Martha Goodrich, Chuck Kruger, & Heidi.)